Behavioral Health

Integrating behavioral and physical health

Members with behavioral health disorders may also experience physical health conditions that complicate the treatment and diagnosis of both behavioral and physical health conditions. AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana understands that coordination of care for these members is imperative. AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana's integrated health care management platform will, to the extent permissible under law, be delivered across the physical and behavioral health and social service spectrum.

AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana staff will work with the appropriate primary care provider and behavioral health providers to develop an integrated treatment plan for members in need of physical and behavioral health care coordination.

Care managers will also assure that communication between physical and behavioral health providers occurs routinely and, with appropriate consent, for all members with physical and behavioral health issues. Care managers will also work to coordinate with alcohol and drug use providers and community resources, as permitted under the law. Care managers will proactively and regularly follow-up on required physical and behavioral health services, joint treatment planning and provider-to-provider communication to ensure that members' needs are continuously reviewed, assessed, and documented in the treatment plan.

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Become a participating provider

If you are interested in becoming a contracted behavioral health provider with AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana, please reach out to your account executive for contracting and credentialing information.

Behavioral health resources

Psychosocial rehabilitation services (PSR) materials

AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana recommends the websites listed below as resources for skill-building manuals, protocols, and workbooks. AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana will not recommend specific skill-building materials as it is the provider's responsibility to thoroughly evaluate each member and develop an individualized treatment plan with input from the member. The treatment plan should identify the symptoms and/or behaviors that require PSR interventions. The provider should then select skill-building materials that help a member attain treatment goals for each symptom and/or behavior.

Workbooks and games for ages 0 to 18

Mental health workbooks

We also recommend searching Amazon or other mental health professional sites for other available resources.

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Network monitoring elements

Specialized behavioral health credentialing packet

Provider toolkits

Quality monitoring elements