Postpartum Care Center

Woman hugging a toddlerPostpartum care is vital to a woman’s well-being to ensure they are healing well both physically and mentally after giving birth and/or to discuss plans before growing their family again.

You play a central role in advocating the health of our members. Encourage our members to visit your office on or between 7 and 84 days after they give birth.

Here’s how else you can help:

  • Encourage and provide appropriate care within designated time frames.
  • Document all care in the member’s medical record.
  • Submit a claim for each encounter.
  • Accurately code all claims to the highest level of specificity.
  • Respond to our requests for medical records in a timely manner.

Postpartum outreach bonus

We believe postpartum care is so important for our members that we’re even offering an enhanced payment bonus to providers who help join us in our cause.

  • Render the postpartum visit within 7 to 84 days after delivery.
  • Fax the ONAF to the Bright Start® department (1-866-405-7946) at the postpartum visit with all post-partum information and any additional visit dates as needed.
  • Procedure code, appropriate post-partum diagnosis codes and the appropriate post-partum visit code must be reported and billed together on the same claim form within 7 to 84 days after the delivery date to receive the enhanced payment.

Join us in encouraging our members to visit your office between 7 and 84 days after each birth.

Other resources

  • Let us know - Do you have a hard-to-reach member, or a member who does not keep appointments?
  • Find a Provider - Need to refer a member elsewhere? Find other providers in our network.
  • Help educate our members - Give members information about their well-being to use when they are away from your office.
  • Postpartum care resources - Use these HEDIS guidelines and documentation as you care for our members.