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Special health programs

AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana has special programs to help you stay healthy. You do not need a referral from your PCP to be a part of any of these programs. If you have one of the health conditions listed below, you could become a part of one of our special programs.

For a full list of special health programs you can join as a member of AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana, see your member handbook.

You can sign up for any of these programs online. Just log on to the member portal and go to Enroll in a Special Program to get started.

Learn more about AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana by viewing the Roadmap to Health (PDF) and the Member Benefits Chart (PDF).

These special programs are available to you:

Bright Start®

Early and complete health care before your child's birth is the key to having a healthy baby. Bright Start® by AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana helps moms-to-be make healthy choices for themselves and their unborn baby.
Any member who is pregnant can join the Bright Start program at no cost.

Your health care provider will decide if your pregnancy is "low risk" or "high risk." If the pregnancy is low risk, you will talk to a Bright Start Outreach Coordinator about your needs, services, and classes you may attend. The Bright Start Outreach Coordinator will help you choose an AmeriHealth Caritas OB/GYN and a PCP for your baby. They will also mail information to you during your pregnancy.

After your baby is born, the Bright Start Outreach Coordinator will talk with you to help you get health services for your baby.

Your pregnancy may be high-risk if:

  • You are under 18 years old
  • You had a problem pregnancy in the past
  • Your doctor tells you that your pregnancy is "high risk”

Each Bright Start high-risk member works with a special nurse. The nurse helps you get the care you need. The nurse will give you information about your needs. The nurse will work with you to get special services you may need including social work, specialty care, home health services or help from local agencies.

You can call Bright Start at 1-888-913-0327.

Check out our Bright Start Plus mobile app

Track your pregnancy through each milestone and trimester. Create profiles for the whole family. Read about health milestones for mom and dad, adults and kids. Track health milestones for everyone.

Learn more about our Bright Start Plus mobile app


Asthma is a long-term illness that makes the airways in your lungs swollen and blocked. When you have asthma, the tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs can become narrow or filled with mucus. This makes it hard to breath. Certain triggers, like dust, pollen or smoke can make this happen.

Asthma can be controlled. The Asthma program at AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana will help you learn about the medicines and equipment that help keep asthma in control.


People with diabetes have too much sugar in their blood and/or not enough insulin to help change the sugar in food into energy. AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana wants to work with you to help you control your diabetes and live a healthy, active life.

The Diabetes program will help you learn about diabetes. It will help you understand what medicines you are taking. The program will also help explain what foods you should eat and the testing of sugar levels in your blood.

Cardiovascular programs

Heart disease, also called coronary artery disease, is a long-term illness that affects the coronary arteries in the heart. With heart disease, cholesterol builds up on the walls of the arteries. The arteries become narrowed and blocked.

The Heart Disease program will help you learn about your condition. The program will explain why it is important to check your blood pressure and cholesterol and why you need to eat healthy and exercise.

Heart failure is a long-term illness that affects the ability of your heart to pump blood.

The Heart Failure program will help you learn about your condition and help you understand about the medicines you are taking. The program will help explain why it is important to weigh yourself and avoid foods that can make you retain fluids (get puffy feet, “hold water”).

Sickle cell anemia

Sickle cell anemia is a blood disorder a person is born with. When you have sickle cell anemia, some of the blood cells in your body are not a normal shape. These cells can block blood flow and cause pain.

The sickle cell anemia program will help you learn about getting care and how to decrease pain. The program will also help you learn about the risk of having a stroke and how important it is to get your immunizations (shots).

Breast cancer screening

A mammogram and monthly self-exams can find breast cancer early. Cancer found early is easier to treat. Women should receive mammograms every other year beginning at age 40.  Your doctor may want to get a mammogram earlier.  Talk to your doctor about whether it’s time to have a mammogram.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

HIV is a virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).  The state of Louisiana is one of the highest ranking states with the highest number of people who have a diagnosis of HIV in the United States.

The HIV program is nonjudgmental and will help you learn about taking care of yourself.  You will be treated with dignity and respect while developing a relationship with the care manager, who is a registered nurse, to help you learn about the disease. All of your medical information will be protected.

The  goals of the HIV  program are to:

  • Help you stay healthy by sustaining a low viral load (less than 200copies/ml)
  • Help you understand the different tests and screenings
  • Help to teach adherence to the Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) medications
  • Keep you out of the hospital
  • Help you find needed resources in the community


Hepatitis C is an infectious disease caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV).  Hepatitis C infection often does not have any symptoms. Chronic infection can lead to cirrhosis of the liver which is scarring of the liver.  This may lead to other serious diseases like liver failure or liver cancer.

The Hepatitis C program focuses on helping patients to:

  • Understand and manage medications
  • Improving adherence to medication regimen
  • Provide information about recommended vaccinations
  • Improving self-management
  • Helping to understand behavioral risk

Want to know more about our special health programs? Call Member Services at 1-888-756-0004 (TTY 1-866-428-7588).

Or, log on to the member portal and go to Enroll in a Special Program to request to join a program.