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Get involved: volunteer opportunities

Are you a caregiver, family member, or provider for an AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana member? And are you ready to join our mission to help members get and stay well?  These programs and organizations are your chance to get involved.

These are only a few of the events where you can see your local community health educator showing their hearts. Be on the lookout for our community calendar of events to see when you can join our mission.

Behavioral health organization events

Community events and volunteer opportunities

VIPS first day of school:  This is an annual event in schools. AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana associates help the faculty, staff, and students on the first day of school. They help students get their schedule, act as hall monitors, and other activities.

Statewide food pantries:  Our staff volunteers at local food pantries throughout Louisiana. We assist in stocking and organizing shelves and distribution of goods.

Latino festival/Cinco de Mayo: These are community events serving the Hispanic population. They offer health education, health screening, and community resources in communities across the state.

Fan drive in Jena, LA: This is a community event that helps families get a fan in their home during the summer months. The fans are donated by community partners.

Community walks: Every year, we sponsor the NAMI Walk, Sickle Cell Community Walk, March of Dimes, and Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure.

Community health fair: We partner  with community organizations and support health fairs. We provide health education and health screenings for communities throughout the year. 

Community baby showers: We host baby showers throughout the state. We partner with the March of Dimes and other network providers. Our baby showers educate soon-to-be moms on the benefits of breast-feeding, car seat safety, and the importance of postpartum visits.

Holiday events across the state

Turkey/toy drives: We collect toys and turkeys for our members during the holiday season at these events.

Holiday parades: We participate in holiday parades across the state with other community partners.

Salvation Army Christmas: Through donations and financial assistance, we provide Christmas dinners, clothing, and toys for families in need, including families of prisoners. Volunteers distribute gifts to qualifying families.